Safeman are proud to introduce a new product to our family, Safewater.

The energy of the sun creates clean and safe drinking water

Safewater is designed for installation near a water source, e.g. well or water container. It eliminates and filters:

• Bacteria
• Virus
• Chlorine resistant bacteria
• Amoebas
• Parasites (Bilharzia)
• Particles
• Air and unpleasant tastes
• Chlorine
The water first passes through the particle filter and then through an active carbon filter. The water then passes through The Safewater UV-LED chamber.

The Safewater UV–LED system

Unique design of the radiation chamber:
The water is purified by an energy efficient LED-generated UV disinfection process that utilizes nanotechnology. The products are extremely energy efficient; a built-in flow sensor ensures that the devices are only active when the water is flowing. The products are environmentally friendly because no chemicals or mercury is used.

Quality of incoming water:
The quality of the incoming water must meet the following requirements for the device to function properly: color ratio <10 mg / l Pt, UV transmission at 10 mm cuvette:> 90% with 254 nm wavelength UV transmission at 50 mm cuvette:> 66% with 254 nm wavelength, turbidity <0.3 NTU.

Solar cells or 220 V transformer – your choice!
Safewater gives the ability to choose, a package deal! The only thing you have to do is to pick a solution that fits you.
Safewater can be equipped with solar panels ether/or a 220 V transformer, depending on which package you choose.

Solar cells, 200W, offering maximum current of 11A when the solar cells are exposed with full sunlight. The energy is stored on a 100 Ah AGM lead battery.
The figures below are based on 10 hours of sunlight per day. Power consumption during operation is 7.8 A.
Power Maximum run-time Total volume water
Solar power 10-hour sunlight 15 hours/day 9 000 liters/day
Power source (7A charger supplied) 19,5 hours/day 11,700 liters/day
Power source (10A charger optional) 24 hours/day 14,400 liters/day

220 V transformer with a back-up battery and a cable who gives you the ability to plug in the Safewater to your house electivity grid. Then you always have safe drinking water reachable.
Twin USB connect for smart phone charging can be delivered as an option.

Safewater packages
• Safewater Base
• Safewater Plus
• Safewater Exclusive
• Safewater Exclusive Plus

The Safewater is assembled in Rwanda in a factory that will not only create safe drinking water, but also work opportunities to people in Rwanda.

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